About Me

I studied in the Bachelor of Fine Arts program at the University of Calgary, David Thompson University and the Alberta College of Art & Design. I discovered a passion for oil painting many years later. 
I have had the privilege of taking classes and workshops from many of Calgary's best artists and have been greatly influenced by Ingrid Christensen, Doug Swinton and Sharon Lynn Williams. 
I paint a variety of subjects from figure to still life but am best known for my sensitive depiction of the Alberta landscape. 

Artist Statement

I enjoy plein air painting and love to travel the back roads of southern Alberta, painting the beautiful Alberta landscape. The joy of Plein air painting is so much more than the finished work. To me, it's the drive out of town, usually with a friend, the music we play, finding just the right spot, crawling under barbed wire fences, lugging all the gear and laughing. My favourite spot is a marsh or a quiet mountain stream, water spilling over rocks lit by the sparkle of the afternoon sun, or that endless long prairie to mountain view. It's the sheer love of painting and the magic of the day. 
When I'm not painting on location I work in my studio from photos I've taken on my travels. I strive to paint in a loose painterly impressionistic style, trying to capture the mood and feel of the landscape.